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Welcome to Baumann Bigler Notaries and Attorneys !

Our roots go back to 1907,

when a notary’s office was opened in Vechigen, which was a rural community at that time. The present-day notarial and legal practice has been managed by notaries and attorneys Dieter Baumann, Stefan Bigler, Thomas A. Baumann, Kai Baumann and notary Regina Grendelmeier Schütz in the agglomeration of Berne.

Baumann Bigler is an experienced team of energetic and dynamic notaries and attorneys. We guarantee high-quality and cost-effective services wherever consultation of a notary or legal adviser is required. We specialize in real estate and property law, the law of succession and corporate law. An excellent, well-established office at our three sites in Boll, Stettlen and Worb provide a bright, modern infrastructure.

Baumann Bigler’s employees would be pleased to welcome you in person!